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Rob McLean, Chair & CEO, Board of Directors 2013 – 2014

Membership in a local Chamber of Commerce is a fundamental part of good corporate citizenship, and clear evidence that your business is an integral part of your community.  You may not be in the business of community service, but some level of community involvement is always a good business practice - especially in a City like Guelph that still seems to operate as a "small town" in so many ways.

A Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit community benefit organization that serves both businesses and not-for-profit organizations through education, connections and advocacy.  People often assume that "commerce" is a Chamber's primary mission, but promotion of not-for-profit organizations, social sustainability and environmental sustainability is as critical to the Guelph Chamber of Commerce as economic growth.

Guelph is widely acknowledged for its collaborative strengths.  Our academic institutions foster a culture of research and innovation that demands cooperation and collaboration.  Regional partnerships in innovation, agri-food, clean-tech and advanced manufacturing routinely draw upon cross-sector relationships to facilitate growth and best practices.  Guelph's "whole" often proves to be greater than the sum of its parts, and our business strengths are frequently united with environmental and social innovations too.

It is difficult to discover and develop collaborative partners, especially when your resources are already stretched.  In my experience, if you need a question answered, a new connection, or just a Certificate of Origin, the Guelph Chamber of Commerce provides a very efficient path to get you there.  Even if your business or organization has few stakeholders of customers in the immediate area, your presence in Guelph can always be strengthened by a few good local affiliations.

Collaboration demands trust, transparency, and active involvement.  A Chamber of Commerce provides context and structure to facilitate effective collaboration, and the Guelph Chamber of Commerce is the local leader in accelerating collaborative opportunities.  It does so through the active involvement of its membership.  Small businesses often require associates to assist with servicing customer needs, and a big business can benefit from industry partnerships, government relations, and regional clusters.  I have seen the Guelph Chamber make a huge difference in all of these areas.

If you are reading this, you are likely already a Chamber member, so hopefully you "get" this:  active community involvement will provide a return on your investment of resources - especially in a community like Guelph, where collaboration works.

Rob McLean
Chair and CEO 
Guelph Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Lloyd Longfield, President and CAO

The Guelph Chamber of Commerce helps you to grow your business. The Chamber opens doors to professional development, government resources, and best practices. It is the place to be to connect with business, and your business will be measurably more successful if you are a member of the Chamber than if you are not.

Being a member of The Guelph Chamber of Commerce is an essential part of being a good community partner. Being active in the GCC connects you to the community dialogue on important issues, knowing where the community is heading and how you can both contribute to and benefit from Guelph’s success.

The Guelph Chamber of Commerce is an independent, non-partisan organization that prioritizes community-building, existing exclusively for the benefit of the Guelph community.

The Guelph Chamber of Commerce is committed to being the connecting point to a wider range of community organizations (not-for-profits) and businesses (public, independent) than any other group or organization. Through our provincial and national Chamber networks your business can connect to the broader community. Beyond that we are active participants at AM Cham, the American Chamber in Canada as well as other international Chambers of Commerce.

If the Guelph Chamber of Commerce doesn’t have an in-house answer to your business question, it represents a resource base of over 800 local businesses that can provide an answer or support your plans for business growth. The Guelph Chamber has achieved the Accreditation with Distinction quality standard from the Canadian Chamber, providing business support in Policy and Advocacy, Membership Services, Administration, Governance and Strategic Planning.

The Guelph Chamber of Commerce represents the voice of business contributing to economic growth, profitability, competitiveness and community involvement for all types of businesses and business people in Guelph.

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