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Who participates in Chamber Plus Networks?
Business professionals, consultants, managers, owners, trades people, sales representatives, or any business that shares the desire to increase their business through leads and referrals.  Available to GCC members only.

What is Chamber Plus Networks?
Chamber Plus Networks is a business marketing program that allows one person from each business sector to join a network.  The sole purpose of the network is to increase business through a structured system of leads and referrals.

When do Chamber Plus Networks meet?
Breakfast meetings are weekly every Tuesday from 7:00 am to 8:15 am at Saide's Kitchen, 20 Woodlawn Rd E.

Lunch meetings are weekly every Monday from 12:00 pm to 1:15 pm. at Saide's Kitchen, 20 Woodlawn Rd E.

Why call and join the Chamber Plus Networks?
Because you want to increase your sales force and therefore increase your business and profitability.  Call us today and see Chamber Plus Networks in action!
How do I benefit?
• By attending weekly meetings to exchange business referrals
• By joining a new forum to promote and increase business growth
• By participating in a relevant group for small business and entrepreneurial members
• By taking advantage of new learning and leadership opportunities
• By meeting with other focused, motivated business professionals on a regular basis
• By gaining knowledge from information on network member’s businesses
How much will it cost to join Chamber Plus Networks?
The cost is $150.00 + GST for a year’s membership; fees are pro-rated when joining midyear.  There is also an additional cost for meals paid in advance on a quarterly basis.A monthly payment plan is also available by EFT or Credit Card payments.

Do you have to be a Chamber member to join Chamber Plus Networks?
Yes, this network is exclusive to Chamber members.  As a Chamber member, you are eligible to participate in a range of programs and volunteer opportunities at member rates.

How can I learn more about Chamber Plus Networks?
Contact Bette Ann at the Chamber office, 519-822-8081 x222 for more information.

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