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HLB System Solutions

Jan 15, 2020

Show up on time. Do what you say. Finish what you start. Say please and thank you. These four simple rules have guided our success in the IT Service business over the past 20 years…and the more complex things get, the more these basics ring true.

HLB System Solutions has seen tremendous changes in our industry as we have evolved from a small computer repair service to leaders in the area of Information Privacy and Security. Having built a business based on service, managing the IT operations of many of our local businesses, staying true to our service roots has been key to our success.

Service is a culture. It is a commitment to knowing our craft, doing what is best for our clients and being able to communicate in a way our clients understand. It is also assurance that we are always a step ahead of where our clients need to be and will have the expertise to guide them through future initiatives.

Managed IT Service – HLB has a long track record of managing the IT operations of businesses in Guelph and beyond. Our local team of IT experts can take full responsibility for the management of your IT operations. Our clients experience less time thinking about IT problems and chasing after solutions.

Information Privacy –Does your organization understand its responsibilities under PIPEDA and similar privacy legislation? If not, we can educate you and help implement a privacy program which greatly reduces your data breach and compliance risks.

IT Security – Cyber Attacks, Ransomware and Social Engineering attempts are growing more complex each day. It is critical that your systems are protected and that your users are educated. Our team can assess your environment, identify and fix the current security holes, and provide real world training for your employees.



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