Meet the Members

University of Guelph, Co-operative Education

Feb 19, 2020

From the office to the plant floor, from the lab to the field, our co-op students are ready to work for you! 

The University of Guelph has a talented pool of students ready to support your organization with projects or to fill short-term needs. With over 3,500 co-op students representing over 40 disciplines, University of Guelph’s co-op program is now one of the largest and fastest growing co-op programs in the province. 

Working in our community, co-op students address manufacturing process challenges, test our soil, write proposals, develop new green energy products, support regulatory possesses, promote local businesses, advance educational and cultural programs, and much more. In the past year alone, University of Guelph co-op students have completed 581 work terms right here in our city.

Why You Should Collaborate with Co-operative Education at U of G:

  • Hire a student from over 40 co-op programs including Business, Engineering, Computing, Science and Arts.
  • Co-op students are available year-round (Fall, Winter and Summer) for 4, 8, or 12-month work terms (program specific).
  • Students complete nearly half their undergraduate degree prior to their first work term.
  • Our Employment Services team is available to assist you with job postings, interview scheduling details and job offers.
  • Many employers use co-op as a recruitment tool, with co-op students often returning to their co-op employers for full-time employment after graduation.

Not sure you have the budget to hire a co-op student? Your organization may benefit from various funding and subsidy programs, including the Ontario Co-operative Education Tax Credit (up to $3,000 for every four-month work term) and the Student Work Placement Program (up to $5,000- $7,000 for every student hired).

University of Guelph students bring initiative, teamwork, energy, and passion into a wide range of businesses, not-for profit and government organizations.

  • Contact us to learn more or post your summer jobs now at
  • Carrie Steele, Employer Development Coordinator
  • Co-operative Education, University of Guelph
  • (519) 824 -4120 x 52305