Meet the Members

Welke Customs Brokers Ltd

May 17, 2019

For over 30 years we at Welke Customs Brokers Ltd has believed that a Customs Brokers service should extend well before and after the shipment clears Customs.

Through our Concierge Care Program, we have discovered that service is best delivered through first learning our clients current process, problems and goals.

With the Concierge Care Program, our clients are assigned a true one point of contact at Welke. At Welke your contact takes a more proactive approach to your account, by staying current and up to date on your products as well as all customs information relating to your business. If there are any new regulations or other Customs changes that may impact your business, your Welke contact will know about it and explain all possible outcomes and solutions to keep your business 2 steps ahead.

Part of the Welke Concierge Care service is to analyse our clients internal process and how they are managing customs on their end. Creating a more productive, seamless process to preparing and managing your imports is something that is often overlooked. Upon every new relationship we begin, each Welke rep looks into the current process on how documentation is being received, sent and tracked. Creating a more organized approach is an excellent way to fully benefit from the service and has proven to reduce time involvement on importers end.

Welke offers may other services including consulting, duty drawbacks, customs reviews, onsite training, US Customs services as well as Freight.

In order to learn more about what Welke can do for you, please reach out to us today.