GuelphToday is an online local news site, providing the latest updates on the things that matter in our community. The Guelph-based news team delivers numerous stories a day, including breaking news, weather, events, entertainment, sports, traffic reports, obituaries and more.

We like to do news differently, and have a variety of content on our site that you won’t find in most traditional media outlets, including stories about special events, features on local businesses, and videos highlighting an array of issues that are important to our area. As the largest digital media source in the city, GuelphToday is proud to have local journalists cover the local issues that matter most to our community.

GuelphToday is part of the ever-expanding Village Media network of local news websites across Canada. Village Media operates some of the largest online news sites in the communities they serve. Born digital, this innovative company is a pioneer in digital media, continuously expanding its reach, and changing the landscape of digital news.

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