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First program of its kind in Canada, located in Elora, the Portage drug addiction rehabilitation centre provides residential treatment program to vulnerable youth 14 to 18 years of age who have substance dependency issue since opening its doors in 1985, the centre has treated more than 4,000 youth.
The Approach
The Portage treatment program is based on the therapeutic community model with individual case management. Residents work through the underlying issues that caused their substance abuse and develop a set of competencies that will help them deal with the challenges of everyday life without resorting to drug abuse.
The program’s duration is determined by individual needs, motivation and readiness for treatment. The average stay is six months followed by 18 months of aftercare support in one’s own community.
Special Services
  • Portage Academy: An onsite mandatory school program which allows youth to work towards completion of their Secondary School Diploma while undergoing the residential phase of their treatment.
  • Family Support Services: Family support groups engage families by giving them tools and strategies to employ during their child’s therapy and to support them through the recovery process.
  • Physical Education/ Outdoor Recreational Activities: Through physical and outdoor activities, residents put into practice core competencies they learned including leadership and problem solving. Community outreach offers youth opportunities to volunteer and build skills.
  • Aftercare Services: Portage alumni receive personalised follow-up, in their home communities, upon completion of their residential stay in the program.
Community Support
Portage Ontario offers free of cost treatment beds to youth when they need it most, thanks in part to generous community support from individuals, foundations and corporations. On Saturday, September 22, 2018 we will be launching PEDAL FOR PORTAGE, a cycling event to raise awareness about Portage. To register, partner or learn more, visit: www.pedalforportage.ca.
Admissions: 519-846-0945 ǀ Email: ontariofoundation@portage.ca

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