Thomas Rauchenstein - Equipping People for Rewarding Career Journeys

With professional experience in college and university settings, my passion as a Career Coach is to equip people for rewarding career journeys. I support a wide variety of clients, including high school and university students, adults in transition, and mature job seekers. 

As a client, you can expect three key benefits from working with me: 
First, I save you time and money by providing you with the self-knowledge and research skills you need to effectively target the careers you’ll love. 
Second, I give you a competitive advantage by showing you how to access the “hidden” labour market – the 80% of jobs that are unadvertised but which employers still need to fill. 
Third, my sessions come with a personalized touch. Unlike some career service outlets, I don’t rush through clients in order to meet funding requirements or service quotas. By working with me, you get quality, personalized career coaching at a reasonable price.
You might be asking yourself, what distinguishes Thomas from all the other career coaches out there? 
The answer boils down to two things: (1) diversity of employment experience and (2) in-depth coaching. 
With respect to diversity, I have worked in various fields such as education, facilitation, manufacturing, fishing, pulp and paper, and the grain industry. This rich and diverse employment background has enabled me to assist the wide variety of clients who walk through my door.
The other quality that differentiates me from other service providers is in-depth coaching.  Most employment agencies are forced to rush through clients in order to reach funding quotas. As a result, they only do a surface job. But not me. I believe in providing clients with in-depth knowledge of themselves and their career prospects so they can make the best decisions. And that is exactly what I do. Having earned an M.A. in Philosophy (’04), a Post-Graduate Certificate in Career Coaching (’13), and a Certificate in Personality Type Assessment (’13), I am uniquely equipped to assess people’s core values, interests, skills, and personality type so that they can confidently target the careers that are right for them.
Career Coaching has been an exciting journey. It has led me to numerous employment opportunities in educational settings such as the University of Guelph and Conestoga College. But without a doubt, the most exciting chapter in this journey has been owning and managing my own coaching business!
As a business owner in Guelph, Ontario, I bring 10+ years of combined teaching, facilitating, and coaching experience to the clients I meet with. Whether they want to change careers, explore future options, or receive training for their job search, my commitment to them remains the same: to equip them for rewarding career journeys. And that is my commitment to you!


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