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Peace of Mind Care was founded in 2013 after experiencing a need to find care for my father.  After my mother passed away my father moved into an Assisted Care Facility in Guelph. One day I got a call that he had fallen.  That was the day things changed from being a daughter visiting her dad to being the main caregiver and someone in charge of things my father needed.  When my dad passed away I felt I needed to start a company that would help others find the resources they need when they are faced with the challenge of caring for a loved one.
Peace of Mind Care provides many different services.  We can be a Companion for a loved one or someone who needs help with groceries medical appointments, visiting and such.  We also provide Home Care for those in need of personal care, meal preparation and companionship.  Sometimes when leaving the hospital care is needed at home for a few days – we can provide After Hospital Care allowing the trip home rather than remaining in hospital.  In addition we can provide Respite Care for those that need someone with them so that their loved one can go out without worrying about their safety. Palliative Care is also available to help families have the support in place for the person they have been caring for at end of life.  We provide 24 hour service 7 days a week for people that want their last days to be at home in familiar surroundings with family and friends.
Our care plan is always geared to the client to allow our clients to live at home independently with support.
Home can be the personal home where the family was raised, Retirement Home, Assisted Care Facility, Long Term Care Home or the Hospital.
In 2015 we started to provide basic and diabetic Foot Care at home. Products are also available to help correct painful and uncomfortable feet.
We can be reached by email at or phone 519-827-5866
Our website is
Carol Bard

Managing Director

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