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Are special tasks and project deadlines keeping you awake at night? Are you “fire-fighting” all day long, in addition to keeping your regular business going? Take back control and increase your business success. Together, let’s find an affordable solution for you. Do you need help with delicate or confidential tasks? With time consuming projects? Take advantage of Andreas Hug’s years of broad managerial experience gained in Canada, the USA and Europe, and with joint ventures in numerous other countries. Comfortable in working with owners, CEOs, line managers, engineers, shop-floor staff, legal and risk managers, controllers and human resource staff, joint ventures, start-ups, international expansions, etc.
Do you need help?
·         Business Performance
·         Leadership
·         Communications
·         HR Support
·         International Opportunities
·         General Management
·         Special Projects
Do you wish to complement your own strengths with those of an experienced advisor to build a stronger management team and achieve greater success?
Do you wish to take a fresh look at the future of your business, identify and evaluate alternatives, and take action to achieve the redefined goals?
Andreas enjoys working with people from diverse cultural and functional backgrounds to achieve goals, which at first might appear difficult to reach.
Contact Andreas Hug for a free one hour conversation, to find out if there is a fit.  This does not create any obligation on your part!  Do you like me to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. Not a problem.
519 763 1419    Mobile 416 575 4735  

Special pricing for start-ups, including first year of operations.

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