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Founded in 2017, Wroute Inc. (pronounced ‘root’) envisions a sustainable transportation system that empowers passengers, allowing them to make their journeys a part of shaping a brighter future.  Our passengers expect a unique and sustainable experience, and our team loves to make it happen! The transportation system keeps evolving, and we’re excited that travelers are getting more choice as they set their priorities for each trip.

Rather than compete with existing alternatives, we look to build a strong community of passengers that helps all service providers prosper.  Let us bring together all of your best transportation options at key station locations in Kitchener and Guelph, making the places you live, work, and play feel just a little bit closer.  The first service from Wroute is a high frequency passenger service between Fairway and Guelph Central for $20 or less per seat, using Tesla Model X 100D all-electric vehicles.  With over 1000 trips every week, passengers can conveniently fit a Wroute trip into their busy lives.  Our staff drivers operate municipally regulated and licenced vehicles at set prices, providing more choice and greater reliability for passengers.

To learn more about Wroute and the service schedule, please visit us at http://www.wroute.com


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