About The Guelph Chamber:

What Are We?  

The Guelph Chamber is – first and foremost – a non-profit community benefit organization that functions as the ‘voice of business’ both here in Guelph as well as on the provincial and national stages.

Since its inception in 1827, the Chamber’s mission has remained the same; to improve our community through economic expansion and prosperity, and to provide local businesses and organizations with A.C.E- Advocacy, Connections, and Education.

The Guelph Chamber is not part of City Hall, nor is it aligned with any political party. Instead, the Chamber embraces all cultures & provides connecting points between business people & organizations.

Who Are We?

The Guelph Chamber is home to almost 900 Members – from the largest to the smallest businesses, non-profit community benefit organizations, community groups, festivals, educational and healthcare institutions, and almost everything in between.

Today’s Guelph Chamber is so robust thanks to the solid foundation of its past and present Members. Current Members include the City of Guelph, University of Guelph, Conestoga College, our local school boards, Cutten Fields, Linamar, Guelph Hydro, Bin 23, the Downtown Guelph Business Association, the Woolwich Arrow Pub, the Children’s Foundation, the New Guelph Civic League, Wyndham Art Supplies, Guelph Hiking Trail Club, Play with Clay, Eagle’s Flight, The Co-operators, Intrigue Media, the Guelph Mercury, SNAPd Guelph, the Guelph Storm, Denso, Habitat for Humanity, Barking Dog Studios, 10 Carden, and hundreds more!

Internally, the Chamber is comprised of a 16-person Board of Directors that helps develop and guide Guelph’s support programs, and provides ways for people, businesses and organizations to become engaged with the community.

The Chamber currently oversees seven committees whose mandate it is to keep both the business community and the chamber itself flourishing.
Why Are We?

On August 1st, 1827, the following was published in Guelph’s print media:

‘A great public meeting shall take place at the Market Place on August 6th, 1827, for the express and proclaimed purposes of acquainting one to the other of our people, and further, that they may free themselves of the different thoughts, suggestions, and imaginations pertaining to the welfare of our town, and to devise ways and means of inducing businesses of manufacture to venture the establishment of their properties in this village.
It is proposed that an association should be formed and known as the Board of Commerce. (NO WRANGLING ALLOWED)’

Almost two hundred years later, and our mandate and mission has remained virtually unchanged – to help our community grow and thrive in a sustainable manner.

Where Are We Headed? 

Over the past two centuries, the Guelph Chamber and the community it serves have undergone major change, and yet one thing has remained constant and steadfast: Guelph and its Chamber continue to walk hand-in-hand. With vision, vigour, and novel collaborative approaches to business, we can all look forward two hundred years as equally prosperous ones.






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