Destination Marketing Guelph

Destination Marketing Guelph (DMG) launched in December 2022. Funded through the Municipal Accommodation Tax and working in tandem with the City of Guelph DMG was created to promote and illuminate Guelph as a vibrant, unique, and authentic visitor destination. Our objective is to align community and stakeholder interests and efforts to position and promote Guelph as a must-see visitor destination, by highlighting the aspects that make it a unique and desirable place to live, travel and stay.

Through a strategic and integrated marketing approach we will produce promotional products, assets and funding and sponsorship streams that generate awareness, attract visitors, and create value for all our businesses, organizations, and events.  This work will be supported through targeted market research, stakeholder and community engagement and strategic planning that will ultimately inform and support the tourism sector through the creation of product and destination development and marketing. As a not-for-profit organization our goal is to drive awareness of Guelph and entice visitors to come and enjoy the many wonderful things our city has to offer.  

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If you have any question please contact Hilary McCann, Executive Director of Destination Marketing Guelph, 
519-822-8081 ext 8

Tourism Funding Programs

Together with The City of Guelph, Destination Marketing Guelph has three funding programs available, designed to support the development and attraction of new tourism initiatives across Guelph. The objectives of the funding streams are to support projects that demonstrate an ability to drive overnight stays at local accommodations and a strong visitor appeal. Applications are being accepted for the following funding streams for any activities that have taken place or will take place between January 1, 2024 and December 31, 2024. All funding is made available through the Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT).

To find out more about the available funding programs, and how to apply, click below.

Funding Streams