Conditions of Membership

By signing up for membership with the Guelph Chamber of Commerce, you agree to the following conditions: 

  • Membership with the Guelph Chamber of Commerce will last 365 days and, unless notified to Chamber staff in writing, will automatically renew the following year.
  • Members who pay monthly are expected to maintain their membership for 12 months. Monthly memberships can only be collected via pre-authorized payments such as EFT, credit card, or through the Chamber Health Benefits Plan. All monthly memberships are subject to an additional administration fee.
  • Guelph Chamber memberships are non-refundable and subject to HST. An additional $10 + HST is charged to members annually on behalf of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, for which the Guelph Chamber collects and remits.
  • The Guelph Chamber of Commerce holds the right to approve or cancel memberships as seen fit. Similarly, the Guelph Chamber has the right to remove members from any events or meetings due to inappropriate conduct or behaviour towards other members or staff.
  • Any and all materials posted by members or third parties to our online directory or social media are the sole responsibility of those who may post it (i.e. photos, promos, contact info, etc.). Materials posted are not the responsibility of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce, nor do they necessarily reflect the views of the Chamber, its staff or directors, unless specifically stated.
  • The Guelph Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to photograph and record its events and meetings, and from time to time will use these photos in publications, posters and/or graphics. By becoming a member, you understand and acknowledge that your photograph may be taken and used, per the Guelph Chamber's discretion.

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