Letter to City Council on Strategic Real Estate Partnerships on Underutilized City-Owned Assets

Jun 28, 2024

Re: Mayoral Direction B3 – Strategic Real Estate Partnerships on Underutilized City-Owned Assets

To Mayor Cam Guthrie and members of Guelph City Council:

In the absence of a coherent, comprehensive policy framework on housing, the development of projects or policies to address the issue will remain insufficient.

Effective identification and implementation of underutilized city-owned assets for affordable housing is a crucial step for the City to take for our community. Any activity that can accelerate the increase in housing supply ASAP, particularly projects that can also address the affordability of housing must be advanced.

We encourage City Council to proceed with expressions of interest on these sites in an effort to move this activity forward, and to prioritize the development of a more comprehensive plan of action.


Shakiba Shayani

President & CEO
Guelph Chamber of Commerce