2022 Municipal Election Priorities

Sep 27, 2022

Click here to read a PDF version of our 2022 Municipal Priorities and Voter Guide.

If we’ve learned anything after nearly three years in a pandemic, it is how interconnected the wellbeing and prosperity of our community is. Right now, the city of Guelph stands at an economic crossroads. Businesses continue to face numerous barriers to recovery that continue to hinder their success. We must ensure local growth and business competitiveness, where all levels of government are focused on fundamental issues such as healthcare, housing, food, infrastructure, climate and energy, and workforce development, all while considering the cost and ease of doing business.

The next municipal government will face tough decisions and will need to bring businesses and stakeholders to the table to create the conditions for business and community success.  The priorities below outline what we need from our municipal leaders to ensure inclusive prosperity over the next four years.


We will continue to work with City of Guelph staff and Councillors on projects that lead to outcomes that drive, innovate, and sustain Guelph’s unique and diverse business community.

To maximize success, we must strive for better partnerships. We cannot accept leadership that evades responsibility or delays results. We will not accept old thinking that perpetuates a false choice between “the economy” and “the community”. They are the same.

Smarter Regulation

Smart regulation supports business competitiveness while also protecting public interest. Businesses often expresses concern over the navigation of process, forms, timelines, and inconsistent communication with the City of Guelph.

Avoiding smarter regulations will only enable increased costs and delays in progress on important issues such as housing affordability, reliable transit, and many other shared goals for better.

Workforce Development and Talent Attraction

A well and productive community is a place where people can afford to live and work. If Guelph is to be a place people choose to come for good jobs and accessible opportunities and services for all, implementing a comprehensive plan that maintains a skilled and supported workforce is essential to creating high quality goods and services.

An increased investment and commitment to programs and institutions that develop focuses on skills matching and attracting new talent to the City of Guelph must be prioritized.

Addressing Mental Health, Addictions & Homelessness

Social issues are business issues and mental health, addictions, and homelessness challenges have become increasingly consequential. By addressing this crisis, the City of Guelph and its partners would be able to lower the costs of policing, increase property value, and improve the health and well-being of the local population.

There must be priority on addressing this crisis to foster a thriving community and ensure economic prosperity for all. Councillors will need to display courageous leadership and require better systems and services for all residents. Compassion and empathy for those that are struggling will need to be balanced with the acknowledgement of the burden and pressures placed on business owners and the community at large. The social and economic vitality of our neighbourhoods depends on it.

Providing Value for Services

Inflationary and affordability pressures continue to challenge business productivity and growth. Guelph will struggle to grow and compete for investment if these concerns are not meaningfully addressed. The continued projection for incompatible tax increases risks Guelph’s economic potential.

To ensure value for services, Councillors must prioritize projects and investments that meet community objectives and include fiscal anchors.