Ontario Budget Makes Giant Leap Forward for Two-Way All-Day GO Along the Innovation Corridor

Mar 24, 2021

TORONTO, ON, MARCH 24th, 2021 – Leaders from across the Innovation Corridor and members of transit advocacy group Connect the Corridor applauded today’s Ontario budget which includes a significant package of necessary improvements to increase capacity on the Kitchener line in order for more trains to travel both ways from end to end of the Innovation Corridor.

This infrastructure work and the coinciding hundreds of millions of dollars in investment, are the most significant step forward taken to date by the Government of Ontario towards making fast, frequent, two-way all day GO train service along the Innovation Corridor a reality by 2025.

“Today’s announcement is a giant leap forward by the province. We’re thrilled by the government’s deep commitment to making two-way all day GO a reality by 2025, unlocking the potential to deliver over 170,000 new jobs, billions in new direct investment, a significant reduction in congestion-related greenhouse gases and a tangible improvement in quality of life of the millions of Ontarians who call the Innovation Corridor home. Thanks to Premier Doug Ford, Minister of Transportation Caroline Mulroney, Associate Minister of Transportation Kinga Surma, Metrolinx CEO Phil Verster for their ongoing collaboration. Together we’re one step closer to materially improving the economy, environment and quality of life for all Ontarian’s”. -- Ian McLean Chair, Connect the Corridor, President and CEO Greater KW Chamber of Commerce.

“The efficient movement of people and goods in Canada's Innovation Corridor is a major contributor to our province’s economy. Today’s announcement is a major step forward by the Ontario Government in delivering Corridor-wide transit and providing the economic boost we’ll need post-pandemic. For years, congestion has been holding the Corridor back – costing the Greater Toronto Area alone $6 billion in lost productivity annually. This is one of several steps we can take toward a more coordinated and connected regional rail system that can serve new passenger needs and clear up congestion for years to come.” -- Jan De Silva, President and CEO, Toronto Region Board of Trade.

“Today’s announcement from the Province on the significant investment of infrastructure work in the Guelph subdivision to improve Two-way all-day GO service is a huge win for the Guelph business community. This investment will unleash and attract diverse and cutting-edge talent, increase employee retention, and will boost the economic climate for business competitiveness. I’m looking forward to this work improving the movement of people across the region, contributing to economic prosperity, and solidifying the important position Guelph holds along the Innovation Corridor.”-- Shakiba Shayani, President & CEO, Guelph Chamber of Commerce.

“Two-Way All-Day GO rail service on the Kitchener Line will be an economic game-changer for Kitchener, the region and the Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor. In the post-COVID economy, we will need these strategic, significant long term transit investments to create jobs, reduce our carbon footprint, and to foster our continued economic growth. We thank the Provincial government for today’s Budget announcement of significant rail investments between Kitchener and Georgetown and look forward to more details as we continue moving this transformational project forward.” -- Berry Vrbanovic, Mayor of Kitchener.

“By continuing to advance two-way all day GO service along the Kitchener line, today the Ontario Government demonstrated its confidence in Waterloo region as one of our province’s key economic engines. This is a transformative project. Keeping us well connected ensures that the economic benefits accrued to this region can be shared with the rest of the province.” -- Karen Redman, Chair, Region of Waterloo.

“The world class post-secondary institutions that line the Innovation Corridor play a pivotal role in training Ontario’s future leaders. Fast, frequent transit along the Toronto-Guelph-Waterloo corridor will facilitate collaboration, partnerships and hands-on learning that is required for the success of our students. Making Two-way all-day GO a reality will be a catalyst for the kinds of innovation, learning and research that the University of Guelph and other Ontario’s Universities foster to fuel Ontario’s economy.” --Dr. Charlotte Yates, president of the University of Guelph.

“This significant step towards two-way, all-day GO train service by 2025 is great news for Guelph and every city along Ontario’s Innovation Corridor. The combined advocacy efforts of Innovation Corridor cities and business leaders are paying off. We thank the Provincial Government for this considerable investment and look forward to hearing more details in the near future. Two-way all-day GO will create more productivity, more jobs, and more economic growth – all of which are needed now more than ever, as we recover from the economic impacts of COVID-19" -- Mayor Cam Guthrie, City of Guelph.

“As one of Canada’s fastest growing cities and home to many of our country’s top employers, today’s announcement boosts Brampton’s competitive advantage. Local employers will now have access to a much larger talent pool. Today’s announcement takes us one step closer to better connecting jobseekers and businesses across the Innovation Corridor. Better regional connectivity benefits all Ontarians.” -- Todd Letts, CEO, Brampton Board of Trade.

“Two-way all-day GO will enhance the global competitiveness of Canada's Innovation Corridor. This game-changing investment in critical infrastructure will be a magnet for talent and capital in the region. We applaud the government for taking a significant step forward in unlocking the opportunity for Ontario businesses to turbocharge their growth and move our province’s economy forward.” -- Iain Klugman CEO, Communitech.

“Today’s announcement is a big step forward and a sign that the Government of Ontario is serious about promoting economic expansion, acting as a magnet for investment and talent and ensuring that the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor's impressive reach grows to be of truly global significance.” --Tony LaMantia, President and CEO, WaterlooEDC.
“Scaling employers along the Toronto-Waterloo Region corridor fuel their growth with top talent, as they compete on a global stage. Quick and frequent mobility is key, and this foundational investment is a huge step forward towards all-day two-way GO train service. Companies worldwide that are looking to expand will certainly see Ontario’s talent pool as an attractive place to set up shop and create jobs.” –- Dave Jaworsky, Mayor of Waterloo.

“This investment means greater connectivity and opportunity for our entire region. Today’s announcement the next step to deliver two-way all day GO to the Region of Waterloo. We continue to see growth and investment here in Cambridge and the Region that will lead to overall prosperity. This is excellent news for businesses, families and visitors alike.” --Kathryn McGarry, Mayor of Cambridge.

Connect the Corridor is made up of the Province’s top business leaders, innovators and job creators. Its members include Manulife, Challenger, Shopify, Sunlife, Gowling LLP, Cowan insurance, Communitech, North, The Greater KW Chamber, The Guelph Chamber of Commerce, The Toronto Region Board of Trade, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority and many others. Area municipalities and post-secondary institutions & public organizations are also research partners of the Coalition.