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Chamber to City Council: Now is the Time for Action on the Baker Street Development

For Immediate Release | Feb 13, 2018

After careful consideration of the recently released KPMG Business Case, the Guelph Chamber of Commerce is urging Council to take action on the Baker Street Development Project. As a crucial economic project for the community, the Chamber of Commerce fully supports the recommendation to make a capital budget commitment at tonight’s special meeting where this will be discussed.

“A clear council commitment to the capital budget is an essential ingredient in providing guidance to the Request for Proposals and ultimately to the preferred development partner for the Baker District Redevelopment,” says Kithio Mwanzia, President & CEO of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce.

By 2031 the downtown is set to have 8000 residents and at least 8000 jobs – a net increase of 30%, making it one of the city’s most important economic engines. It is therefore important to ensure that Guelph, one of Canada’s fastest growing jurisdictions, is supported with the appropriate investment in future focused infrastructure. The capacity for downtown to accommodate growth through vital infrastructure and catalyze private sector investment can only be made possible through establishing a clear commitment by Council.

“The time has come for Council to clearly commit to funding this project which is crucial to revitalizing the downtown and helping to further establish our community as being a key player in the innovation corridor,” concludes Mwanzia.

To read the full submission to City Council by the Guelph Chamber of Commerce, click here.

For more information, contact Kithio Mwanzia, President & CEO, Guelph Chamber of Commerce.
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